Thursday, September 9, 2010

Romance Novels vs Erotic Novels

I've been asked the question "What's the diffrence between true romance novels and erotic romance novels?"

Romance novels will focus on the romance and emotion of two people. Emotions are focused on more then actual sex. During the sex scenes more milder euphemisms are used. To put it mildly the words used to describe the act of lovemaking is sweeter more innocent. Romance novels are also limited on how many sex scenes are played out. In LOVE AND HONOR, I wrote 4-5 lovemaking scenes. Each scene was brought out by an intense emotional situation that ended up with lovemaking. Typically in romance novels lovemaking/sex is brought on by an intense emotional expeience.

Erotic romance also will have romance in it. Erotic romance will have more intense sex scenes with strong sexual content. The descriptions will be more frank and to the point. While true romance novels focus on the emotional impact of lovemaking, erotic romance focus more on the actual act. Don't confuse erotic romance with pornography. Although both focus on the act of sex, erotic romance novels include well-developed characters and a plot which could exist without the sex acts.


  1. I think I like reading romance better then erotica. I love reading the sex but I connect better with true romance.

  2. I wonder if there are any guys out there who read the erotica. In fact, I wonder how good of a job a guy can do in writing erotica without crossing the line and making it sound too much like porn.

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