Thursday, September 30, 2010

Do not hate the game.

Okay, I know you shouldn't bash people on your blog but I was a little irritated when I saw the news this morning . So much so that I just had to voice my opinion. After all isn't that what blogging is all about?

The news broke that a reality TV personality has decided she wanted to become a writer. She doesn't want to publish a memoir but an actual novel. Okay I have no problem with that. That's totally awesome. Here is what really gets me. The woman has not started writing the book yet and has no writing skills or experience, but  she already has a publishing contract. I can understand if your a movie star and want to publish a memoir. I get that. The person I'm talking about is not a movie star but a reality personality. She's famous for swearing, drinking and sleeping around. People watch her because she's such a train wreck. I do not think it's really fair that she  get to go outside the process when there are so many talented writers out that doing it by the book to follow their dream. I think giving this woman a publishing contract without having a book to publish just because she's on TV is a making a mockery of real writers. I feel it sends a message to the world that anyone can write and  that you don't need talent to write.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

A boost of Confidence

In the past few weeks I've lost my confidence in my ability to become a published writer. This will happen from time to time to many of us. My reasoning's had nothing to do with my writing skills but more my personal life experiencing  a small dose of chaos. The other night I got to speak to a writer I truly admire.I got to speak to  her through an author blog chat via a well known publishing company. Although there were many people in the form everyone got a chance to speak.  I debated if I should speak or not, I was getting nervious. I didn't want to blow my one chance on a silly question I had to make it count. I jumped in both feet and went for it.  I didn't have to wait long before I got my chance. I had so many questions  run thought my head but was only allowed one question at a time. My question to this writer was "Can you give any advice to a new contemporary writer?" Her advice was "The opening lines are the most important. Agents are very busy. You have to snag them right at the beginning, You only get one shot so make it count." Of course there was more details but that was the jest of it. I felt as if I was speaking to the President or someone as big. After my chat I realized that even though my personal life is in turmoil I can not let it get me down. I have to keep on pushing for seeing my book on the shelf of Barnes and Nobles is my dream come true. I want to make it happen. Just one glimmer of hope is all it takes.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Escaping your world

I love writing because I can escape my everyday life. Originally this is why I started reading romance novels. But for me it just wasn't enough. I wanted to create my own world. I wanted my characters to act a certain way, look a certain way, get with the people I saw fit. No it's not playing GOD. It's creating you own fantasy world. Putting your thoughts into words.
Honestly right now my real world is full of stress and worry, my outlit to releave this is writing. When I write I can be who ever I want, live where ever I want and do what ever I want. That is what's amazing about the creative mind. Always let your imagination run wild in your writing. Great works come from writers with big imaginations. Escape into your writing submerge yourself into the depths of your words.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Making your dreams come true

As you pursue your writing career you may come across some obstacles. I've recently run across my first stumbling block on my own writing career path. Unfortunately there will always be obstacles in your way but it is up to you if you will let it stop you. Right now I'm dealing with how to pay for my RWA membership, my local chapter membership and Dreaming in Dallas ticket. I'm hoping that things will turn around soon so I do not miss out. Going to Dreaming in Dallas and meeting Lucienne Diver has been at the top of my list since I decided to become a novelist. Hopefully I will get that chance. I will keep my head up high and hope for the best. I will continue to blog, tweet and write. Nothing will stop me from dreaming.
When you run into your obstacle make sure not to let it keep you down. Keep on writing. You will be back on your path in no time, just like me.

The future belongs to those who believe in their dreams.
Eleanor Roosevelt

Monday, September 13, 2010

Love and Honor Love Scene Spoiler

Max quickly unbuttoned Sarah's wet pajama top, never leaving her lips, and tossed it aimlessly aside. He felt as if he couldn't get enough of her. He needed more. Her dark wet hair stuck to his damp bare skin. Their bodies still moist from the rain storm; he couldn't resist seductively kissing every inch of her exposed flesh. Max gently kissed her slender neck making her whimper with pleasure. He had never met a woman he hungered for as much as he craved her. He then moved his hands below her waist, touching her intimately underneath her pants, under her silky panties. His tongue slid slowly in and out of her mouth caressing her as he slipped his fingers in -between her legs. He felt her soft cry within their kiss. He felt her her nails dig into his back pulling him closer to her. It drove him crazy the little noises she made. The kiss deepened with every movement of his fingers.

Join me later this week and I will share with you a diffrent side of the story.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Romance Novels vs Erotic Novels

I've been asked the question "What's the diffrence between true romance novels and erotic romance novels?"

Romance novels will focus on the romance and emotion of two people. Emotions are focused on more then actual sex. During the sex scenes more milder euphemisms are used. To put it mildly the words used to describe the act of lovemaking is sweeter more innocent. Romance novels are also limited on how many sex scenes are played out. In LOVE AND HONOR, I wrote 4-5 lovemaking scenes. Each scene was brought out by an intense emotional situation that ended up with lovemaking. Typically in romance novels lovemaking/sex is brought on by an intense emotional expeience.

Erotic romance also will have romance in it. Erotic romance will have more intense sex scenes with strong sexual content. The descriptions will be more frank and to the point. While true romance novels focus on the emotional impact of lovemaking, erotic romance focus more on the actual act. Don't confuse erotic romance with pornography. Although both focus on the act of sex, erotic romance novels include well-developed characters and a plot which could exist without the sex acts.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Diffrent Types of Romance

After I finished my first novel Love and Honor I decided I wanted to get it published. I had to figure out what category my book fell into. This was a little confusing to me. All I had read at that point was historical romance. ( My tastes have opened up to more genres since then). I've put together a little summary of the different types of romance for your reference.

Contemporary Series Romance - Series romance novels that focus primarily on the romantic relationship and typically set after 1945.

Contemporary Single Title Romance - Romance novels which focus primarily on the romantic relationship, released as individual titles, not as part of a series and set after 1945.

Historical Romance - Romance novels set in any time period prior to 1945, and taking place in any location.

Inspirational Romance - Romance novels in which religious or spiritual beliefs (in the context of any religion or spiritual belief system) are a major part of the romantic relationship.

*Novels with Strong Romantic Elements - A work of fiction in which a romance plays a significant part in the story, but other themes or elements take the plot beyond the traditional romance boundaries. (*An example of a publisher that handles this would be Harlequin’s Luna line; elsewhere such fiction is sometimes labeled 'Womens' Fiction')

Paranormal Romance - Romance novels in which the future, a fantasy world or paranormal happenings are an integral part of the plot.

*Regency Romance - Romance novels in which the majority of the story is set against the Regency period of the British Empire. (*What was once considered the ‘Traditional Regency’ romance, of the kind Mary Balogh and Carla Kelly once wrote – with a shorter word count than longer format historical romances - is considered if not dead, then on life support, and published mostly by smaller presses or as reprints of classics. Therefore, in most cases ‘Regency Romance’ simply refers to romances set in the Regency period.)

Romantic Suspense - Romance novels in which suspense, mystery, or thriller elements constitute an integral part of the plot.

Young Adult Romance - Novels with a strong romantic theme geared toward young adult readers.

Category Romance - Mostly Harlequin romances, books in a numbered series identified by ‘line’. Eg: Harlequin Presents, Silhouette Desire.

Erotica - Romance novels with a powerful erotic element, but still following the guidelines of an- Happily Ever After ending.