Thursday, September 30, 2010

Do not hate the game.

Okay, I know you shouldn't bash people on your blog but I was a little irritated when I saw the news this morning . So much so that I just had to voice my opinion. After all isn't that what blogging is all about?

The news broke that a reality TV personality has decided she wanted to become a writer. She doesn't want to publish a memoir but an actual novel. Okay I have no problem with that. That's totally awesome. Here is what really gets me. The woman has not started writing the book yet and has no writing skills or experience, but  she already has a publishing contract. I can understand if your a movie star and want to publish a memoir. I get that. The person I'm talking about is not a movie star but a reality personality. She's famous for swearing, drinking and sleeping around. People watch her because she's such a train wreck. I do not think it's really fair that she  get to go outside the process when there are so many talented writers out that doing it by the book to follow their dream. I think giving this woman a publishing contract without having a book to publish just because she's on TV is a making a mockery of real writers. I feel it sends a message to the world that anyone can write and  that you don't need talent to write.

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  1. You must be talking about Snookie!! She is just so gross!!! I don't think it's fair that people like me have to go through the process and she can just get drunk on tv and boom she's a writer...