Monday, September 13, 2010

Love and Honor Love Scene Spoiler

Max quickly unbuttoned Sarah's wet pajama top, never leaving her lips, and tossed it aimlessly aside. He felt as if he couldn't get enough of her. He needed more. Her dark wet hair stuck to his damp bare skin. Their bodies still moist from the rain storm; he couldn't resist seductively kissing every inch of her exposed flesh. Max gently kissed her slender neck making her whimper with pleasure. He had never met a woman he hungered for as much as he craved her. He then moved his hands below her waist, touching her intimately underneath her pants, under her silky panties. His tongue slid slowly in and out of her mouth caressing her as he slipped his fingers in -between her legs. He felt her soft cry within their kiss. He felt her her nails dig into his back pulling him closer to her. It drove him crazy the little noises she made. The kiss deepened with every movement of his fingers.

Join me later this week and I will share with you a diffrent side of the story.

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