Sunday, September 26, 2010

A boost of Confidence

In the past few weeks I've lost my confidence in my ability to become a published writer. This will happen from time to time to many of us. My reasoning's had nothing to do with my writing skills but more my personal life experiencing  a small dose of chaos. The other night I got to speak to a writer I truly admire.I got to speak to  her through an author blog chat via a well known publishing company. Although there were many people in the form everyone got a chance to speak.  I debated if I should speak or not, I was getting nervious. I didn't want to blow my one chance on a silly question I had to make it count. I jumped in both feet and went for it.  I didn't have to wait long before I got my chance. I had so many questions  run thought my head but was only allowed one question at a time. My question to this writer was "Can you give any advice to a new contemporary writer?" Her advice was "The opening lines are the most important. Agents are very busy. You have to snag them right at the beginning, You only get one shot so make it count." Of course there was more details but that was the jest of it. I felt as if I was speaking to the President or someone as big. After my chat I realized that even though my personal life is in turmoil I can not let it get me down. I have to keep on pushing for seeing my book on the shelf of Barnes and Nobles is my dream come true. I want to make it happen. Just one glimmer of hope is all it takes.


  1. You can do anything you set your mind to girl!! Don't let people get you down!

  2. Dreams are worth pursuing, Don't let anyone get in your way.