Wednesday, May 5, 2010


This is a work in progress. Something that's been in my head. The best thing for a writer to do is PUT IT OUT THERE!!

When he looked at me I felt lost to the world. The passion that burned deep within his eyes ignited the flame that kindled deep inside of my soul. I'm locked in his hypnotic gaze. Trapped like a confined tiger in it's cage, I was anxious to escape. Whatever he wanted I was compelled to give, he had me mesmerized. He reached down and gently caressed my cheek. My knees began to give under me. I felt as if I was falling. His breath blew warm against my lips as he descended down towards mine. The anticipation was killing me as he hovered over me. Then his lips touched mine. The sweetness of his lips intoxicated me. He kissed me softly savoring the taste of me. The world vanished around us as his kiss deepened. There was no resisting him there was no denying him. All there was, was surrender.


  1. This is very sexy!!! I love the way you think!!