Monday, May 3, 2010

Insert from Love and Honor.

Here is an insert from Love and Honor.

Max watched her eyes dance with fire as she watched him. "I'm sorry...I..just.."he couldn't resist her lips any longer; they beckoned him. He knew it would be wrong but he couldn't find the strength to fight the urge to touch her, to kiss her any longer. He quickly leaned toward Sarah and pulled her to him as he tenderly kissed her lips. He savored her sweet taste. Neither of them had the strength to pull away. Kissing Sarah was better then he remembered. Not being rushed and being able to hold her made a world of difference. He had only kissed her once, but oh how he missed kissing Sarah's luscious lips. It was all he could think about for weeks.

Max felt Sarah's lips slowly part, accepting his kiss, accepting him. He couldn't help but to let a tiny moan escape as he slowly slid his tongue inside of her parted gentle lips. He felt as if he was on fire and, by accepting him, she was stroking that flame that burned so long for her.

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