Monday, August 2, 2010

On to your next work of art!

After you've successfully finished your first book, your going to need to start you new book. Publisher will want more then just a one book deal. If you are like me you have many ideas on what to do next. Now you have to put pen to paper and start your whole creative process again.

For me since finishing Love and Honor I've had MANY ideas for a second book. One thing I'm noticing with my ideas. I was trying to mold myself into what other people expected me to write. I think this is why none of the other ideas have paned out. I'd get a a chapter in and then loose my idea.

What I'm working on now is something I'm passionate about. Call me a flake but I think I can make a romance out of the whole 2012 mysticism. Two people faced with surviving the end of the world, why can't they find love! ;)

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  1. You should write what you feel. Do not let anyone tell you what to write.