Saturday, August 14, 2010

Love and Honor Summarized

He thought flying jet planes for the Air Force was dangerous, but it was nothing compared to the dangers of falling in love.
This is what Max Edwards tells himself in Love and Honor . A contemporary romance between a divorced mother whose life and love faces continuous threats from her abusive past, and the honorable Air Force pilot who struggles to protect her by her side and from abroad. The manuscript is complete at 89,000 words.
After escaping an abusive marriage, all Sarah Wilson wanted to do was focus on her career and her five year old daughter. Although the abuse stopped after the divorce, Sarah's ex-husband, Jeff, still wanted to control her life. Any hope of a new relationship was out of the question with Jeff still around. But when Sarah accidentally runs into a debonair Air Force pilot, spilling her hot coffee all over his uniform, it leaves her embarrassed and intrigued.

Lieutenant Colonel Max Edwards was a career military man. It wasn't until after his grandmother's death and his run-in with the beautifully clumsy Sarah that his priories changed and he craved a family rather than military life. After a whirlwind romance, one last top secret mission pulls Max halfway around the world and away from Sarah. With Max out of the picture, Jeff takes his queue, trying to manipulate and intimidate Sarah away from Max and back into his bed. What should have been a picture perfect love story has turned into a battle to keep the love alive.

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