Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New Ideas

I think a good rule of thumb for any writer should be to carry a notebook and pen with them where ever you go. Personally I get creative and juicy ideas all day long. Problem is I don't have time to elaborate on them. It doesn't matter what I'm doing.  I could be people watching at lunch or talking to a good friend. The light bulb pops over my head like a old bugs bunny cartoon and I have to quickly search for my pen and pad. The best ideas come when your not thinking about it. Let your ideas flow like a river! If you have your thoughts written down you could always expand on them when you do have time. I personally will sit and come up with scenes that I feel would be great for a book. Out of those scenes I can build my story.

Try carrying around a notebook and pen. Keep a log of your ideas. This will be very benificial to you.

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  1. I actually use my phone to record ideas during the day.