Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Character Debate - To smoke or not to smoke

I ran across a dilemma as I started writing my new book. My main character I feel should be a smoker. It fits this character's personality as a bad boy with a good heart. I started to wonder with my main character being a smoker would that ruin the fantasy of him?

I've seen debates about condoms and weight but never about smoking.

My question to my readers out there is as followed.

If the main male character in a romance novel was a smoker would that ruin your fantasy of him?

Please email me or post your views.


  1. I think it could be sexy

  2. It would not ruin my fantasy!

  3. Well romance novels are a fantasy, so why not

  4. Maybe you should build your character as a bad boy around his surface behaviour and having a good heart through his misterious and deep thoughts. Building a bad boy around habits can be seen as cheesy... I don't know...may be just what I think...