Friday, April 1, 2011

A wonderful night!

Lucienne Diver( Author of Vamped and also my Idol) and Me

The crowd I had to work

Richelle Mead (Author Vampire Academy..soon to be a movie)

Richelle Mead and Me

Candace Havens ( Author of Truth and Dare) and Me
Also the woman who made me realize I need not to fear!

I had such a wonderful AMAZING time at the book signing. I met some great writers, fans, and readers. I felt so star stuck at first! But as I started to talk to people I figured out that they were just like me.  I feel that I've let people see me tonight. I talked to strangers, carried conversations with authors. Totally AMAZING. I know tomorrow will be even better! I am no longer nervous about my 11am meeting! I'm going to sparkle and shine!!

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