Thursday, October 7, 2010

Max finds out what's going on with Sarah

           "Lieutenant Colonel Edwards! What in the hell is going on here?" General Lance McKee's voice thundered hardheartedly. He was standing in the doorway to the guest quarters. Behind him stood Mike, eyes wide in disbelief.

             Max swiftly turned around to face him and saluted. "Begging your pardon, sir!" Lance slapped his hand against his forehead, massaged his temples, and wiped his hand down his face in exasperation. He knew from their previous conversations back at Langley that Max had a lot on his mind, but he never would have expected Max would explode like this. He let out a heavy sigh and grumbled, "Colonel, do you care to explain yourself?"

           Max's eyes were still ablaze with fury. Still stiffly at attention, he stared right through Lance and hollowly replied, " I would like to request a private audience with you right now, sir!"

           Lance simply shook his head and grunted, "This way." He turned and headed down the corridor. Max followed. They circled around to another corridor with quarters and waited for Max to enter, as well. Then, Lance closed the door and sat down at a small built-in desk. He looked up at Max, who was still red with anger, fists clenched. Lance could see the unbridled fury in Max's eyes. He was crazed, staring off into space, refusing to look Lance in the eye. Like Mike, Lance knew all to well that Max had a healthy reserve of temper to turn loose if the situation warranted it. But this is more temper then Lance had ever seen come out of the guy, and it had him worried.

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  1. What happens next!!!!!???!! We want more girl!!!